Friday, April 3, 2009

A Box Full of Love

myself, always remember that someone is loving you. But sometimes the way he or she loves you is not the way you prefer to be loved. but, everyone trying his or her best to love you as you are the special one in his or her life. whoever they are, they try their best to understand you. so please keep your healthy, manner and always do good because someone is loving you!

i always believe that you love me. but I'm not the one for you rigth now. maybe after sometimes, when we'll meet again. after I'm ready to be yours and we keep each others' feeling better than this. i promise to be the best person for ours.

Forgive me about everything that hurt your feeling. and i'll let you know that i love you just as you love me..thanks for evrything, for the moment that we share together..

i always believe that people trying their best to understand me and love me just like i thought before..


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